Alison Shields
Alison Shields received a Masters of Fine Arts at the University of Waterloo and is currently pursuing a PhD at the University of British Columbia. Through her doctoral research, she explores creative processes, material practices, artistic research and the relationship between thinking and making through studio work.

In her paintings, Shields similarly explores the art making process through her abstract paintings that are both self-referential and self-generative. Through an elaborate process of tracing, cutting up, collaging, re-priming and re-painting, the paintings continue to evolve over the course of several years and allude to the infinite potentialities and multiple trajectories of the creative process. They reveal the process of their making through the traces that are revealed, those that are covered and those that are transformed throughout the layers of edits, cuts, problem solving and decision-making. The paintings are characterized by fragmentation, rupture, reconstruction and emergence.